Stage activities at DCIM SHOW 2009

Pictorials of some stage activites during the 3 days event.

Picture Snippets of DCIM SHOW 2009

These are some pictorials of what was going on in DCIM Show 2009. We apologize for not being able to give you live feed, but it will be something to consider about in DCIM Show 2010! Lumix and Scuba Symphony

The Bold & The Beautiful Of DCIM Show 2009

The Bold: Meet Encik Abang Abdul Khalid, 49. Khalid is arguably DCIM Show 2009′s MOST HARDCORE & ARDENT Visitor! Hailing from Sibu, Sarawak, Khalid took 3 days off from work (ed: I hope it’s really 3 days as you mentioned Khalid and that your boss is not reading this!) to visit DCIM Show 2009.  Khalid [...]

It was overwhelming!

Before we post more pictures of the events, firstly, we have to apologize for the inconvenience caused, especially for visitors who planned to attend the 3 days seminar/talk/workshops. The turnout was overwhelming, we didn’t expect such a huge turnout to sign up for the talk. essays for college viagra online no prescription Unfortunately, Midvalley’s seminar [...]

Brands you get to see during DCIM SHOW 2009

Just a quick run down, the brands that you will get to see during DCIM SHOW 2009. It may not be all but these are what you get to see so far. Camera and lenses Canon compact and DSLRs, EF lenses, Nikon compact and DSLRs, Nikkor lenses, Panasonic Lumix and G series micro fourthird, Leica [...]

Sirui Photo Shootout @ DCIM Show 2009

Game for some neat tripods from Sirui? DG Color and DCIM Show offers you just the chance to do so! Date: Sunday, 29 Mac 2009 Time: 3:30pm Venue: DCIM Show 2009, Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (stage area) What you need to do to win? Simply capture the models on stage posing with Sirui [...]

Velocity Angel Search 2009 – Show Schedule

FRIDAY, 27 Mac 2009, FINALS 1: Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, 6:00pm SATURDAY, 28 Mac 2009, FINALS 2: Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, 1:00pm SUNDAY, 29 Mac 2009, GRAND FINAL: Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, 1:00pm Please be early to secure choice locations to shoot! See you there!

VelocityAngels: Model of the Year 2009 – 12 finalists Revealed!

The 12 finalist and some good showdown buy cialis 5mg on 27, 28 & 29th March 2009. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Kingston's new Elite Pro 32GB CompactFlash card

Kingston Technology has increased the capacity of its CompactFlash Elite Pro Flash memory cards to 32GB. Thee new card offers larger capacity and fast data transfer rates to allow amateur and professional photographers to maximize the performance of their high-end digital cameras. The Kingston 32GB CF Elite Pro card is designed to keep pace with [...]

Find out about Kingmax’s SDHC cards at DCIM 2009

Kingmax is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of DRARAM and Flash products globally, and has just announced the world’s highest capacity of waterproofed SD card with 16GB. Based on Kingmax’s patented PIP technology, the new SD card takes advantages in waterproof, dustproof and extreme weather performance. It plays as a guard to prevent [...]